Tube Garden Trowel

Tube Garden Trowel

Grafa's Tube Garden Trowel is designed with both established garden beds, and courtyard and balcony gardens in mind. Perfect for new and old gardeners alike, the stylish copper makes it just as much an elegant objet for display as it is a tool.

Just because something is a tool, doesn't mean it can't be absolutely beautiful. Made from a single piece of copper, Grafa's Tube Garden Trowel has a luxurious simplicity that balances sheer elegance with practical functionality. The tool is perfectly angled and shaped towards its purpose, bringing an irresistibly modern look to the garden. We absolutely love the patina that develops, transforming the copper into a living memory of all the hard work accomplished in the garden-- but if you aren't a fan, simply rub with diluted lemon juice or vinegar.

Length: 260 mm