Herb-Press small aged closed
Herb-Press small aged closed
Herb-Press large aged open
Herb-Press small natural closed
Herb-Press large closed
Herb-Press large natural closed


Made with a natural wood back and cover, Arminho's Herb-Press is a beautiful, analog way to preserve nature's beauty, and at any age is a charming way to spend an afternoon. Try pressing ginko leaves and globe amaranth for the brightest colors.

Whenever one of our DIYs calls for preserved flowers, Arminho's Herb-Press is our go-to. Adept at its task and beautifully crafted, the bespoke herb press is a perfect birthday gift for kids (and adults!), one that constantly invites use and never goes out of style. There are endless activities for pressed flowers-- from creating your own custom greeting cards to decorating pumpkins at Halloween. Even left out on a coffee table Arminho's Herb Press provides a functional botanic flare and makes for a fun conversation piece.

  • Large: 8.6" x 12.2" (22cm x 31cm)
  • Small: 5" x 6.8" (12.5cm x 17.5cm)
  • Hardcover in pine plywood
  • Letterpress printed cover
  • Handmade in Portugal