Seasons Leaf Plate single
Seasons Leaf Plate single
Seasons Leaf Plate with fork
Seasons Leaf Plate set

Seasons Leaf Plate Set

Seasons, designed by Nao Tamura, is a flexible, multipurpose serving dish designed after the cherry leaves Japanese sweets are wrapped in. Perfect for picnics or outdoor dining and (best of all) easy to wash.

For informal gatherings, Seasons is the perfect choice-- turning even the most haphazard cheese plate or assortment of snacks into an elegant spread. The seamless architectural shape is effortlessly modern, honoring the timelessness of natural elements. We especially love using one on rainy or cold days when outside feels a little further away-- the perfect way to bring the garden into any room and any setting.

Comes in a set of 4
Dish washer and Microwave safe
Up to 425 degree F oven safe.