Mini-Paper Vase Cosmos
Mini-Paper Vase Apolino
Mini- Paper Vase Apolino
Mini-Paper Vase Domus
Mini-Paper Vase Cosmos

Mini-Paper Vase

Octaevo's mini-paper vases are a fun take on the tradition of Mediterranean pottery. Made with waterproof paper, the vases can be slipped over small glasses for instant style. Plus, they come with an envelope so you can share with others.

Whether you're keeping one for yourself or sending one to a friend (they come with an envelope!), Octaevo's mini-paper vases are a cool infusion of style for your room or dinner table. Plus, they fold flat and don't take up space.

Size: 170 x 170 mm
Embellishment: Sewn by hand with gold hot stamping
Extras: Envelope and gold foild note card