Birch Wood Cutting Board eggplant
Birch Wood Cutting Board eggplant
Birch Wood Cutting Board tomato
Birch Wood Cutting Board pepper
Birch Wood Cutting Board broccoli

Birch Wood Cutting Board

Seletti's birch wood cutting boards come in four distinct shapes (eggplant, pepper, tomato, broccoli), whose sides are each painted in a different bright, pop color. Slightly oversized, the boards can be used both for prep and serving.

Italian in origin, Seletti takes every day objects and imbues them with a cheerful, cheeky flavor. The birch wood cutting boards from their Vege-Table collection-- with their brightly colored edges and simple silhouettes-- are a seamless blend of adorable and chic, the sort of seemingly contradictory style the Italians always manage to pull off so well. We especially love using the boards for snacks at kids' parties, as the bright edging evokes a cheerful, childlike playfulness. But don't be afraid to use them at adult parties as well-- arranged with thick slices of cheese, crackers, and dried fruits the boards infuse a fresh style into any gathering.

Dimensions (inches): Eggplant: 20.5W x 9.8D x 1.1H Pepper:  16.5W x 13D x 1.1H Tomato:  17.3W x 13.4D x 1.1H Broccoli:  16.1W x 18.1D x 1.1H