Reverso Vase - Emerald Green & Pink

Reverso Vase - Emerald Green & Pink

Sacha Walckhoff's Reverso Vases for Verreum are elegant, colourful and playful, bringing a range of options to floral arrangements.

The mix & match quality of Sacha Walckhoff's Reverso Vases is part of their charm. Walckhoff's vases are intended to be playful and to engage consumers with their dynamic shapes and colors, their purpose shifting depending on which way they are oriented. The cleverness of the design makes them a worthwhile investment for those who easily grow tired of vases-- flip it upside-down and it's a whole new creative challenge.

For more about Sacha Walckhoff and these Reverso Vases, read our story here:

Spotlight From The GC Shop: Sacha Walckhoff’s Reverso Vases

Small Ø 90 x h  270 mm
Medium Ø 90 x h 320 mm
Large Ø 150 x  h  380 mm