Plant box
Ferm Living

Plant box

Ferm Living's light grey Plant Boxes are a minimalist accent ideal for tiny flowers and storage alike. Use a set to add structure to a room or create your own indoor "window boxes".

In a open, unstructured space like our office, we love using Ferm Living's Plant Boxes to designate spaces, and as the boxes are about hip-height, they don't create a feeling of claustrophobia. The boxes look best when planted with flora that has a little bit of height, so try elephant's ear (which does well in moist soils and is a traditional houseplant). If you're in the mood for something more sculptural, try English Ivy (also an indoor plant that prefers moist soil), which will wrap itself around the legs to create a living piece of furniture.


W: 60 x H: 65 x D: 25cm