Truella Garden Trowel

Truella Garden Trowel

Grafa's Truella Garden Trowel is crafted especially for planting seedlings and bulbs, removing weeds, and transplanting small-medium sized plants. The timber handles are rounded at the end for additional comfort, making your gardening experience all the more enjoyable.

Just because something is a tool, doesn't mean it can't be absolutely beautiful. Grafa's Truella Garden Trowel is made with a copper head in a classic shape, while the handle is crafted from carefully smoothed timber, creating a tool that's just as functional as it is good-looking. We absolutely love the patina that develops with use, transforming the copper into a living memory of all the hard work accomplished in the garden-- but if you aren't a fan, simply rub with diluted lemon juice or vinegar.

Length: 295 mm