Lastu Herb Basket
Verso Design

Lastu Herb Basket

Adorably chic, the Verso Lastu baskets are a modern take on the classic Finnish birch basket. Strap one to the front of your bicycle for easy transportation of produce, or fill one with fresh flowers and keep as a centerpiece for a dining experience evocative of the countryside.

Is there anything you can't use a Verso Lastu basket for?! (We don't think so!) With a variety of shapes and sizes, there's one for just about every task-- from running errands to home décor. When not in use, we like to store them on bookshelves and fill them with various foraged items like oversized pinecones and dried flowers for an earthy look. The smaller sizes are even perfect for kids, who will love carrying around their favorite stuffed companions in them, à la Wizard of Oz.

Material: Birch
Dimensions: Ø 16 × 13 cm