White Vase by Thomas Eyck small
White Vase by Thomas Eyck large
White Vase by Thomas Eyck both
White Vase by Thomas Eyck small
Thomas Eyck

White Vase

Bold in its simplicity, Thomas Eyck's white vase is an unassuming statement piece. With its unfinished base and smooth top, the vase plays on the tradition of majolica plates.

Thomas Eyck is known for his incredibly selective partnerships and the resulting exquisite items, and his white vase, made in conjunction with Hella Jongerius, is no exception. While the characteristic intricate blue florals are absent, the vase is based on majolica plates. Eyck and Jongerius bring a minimal, abstract, and earthy vision of majolica's plates to produce a vase that lasts-- literally and stylistically-- for a lifetime.


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